Bingo has been around for ages, played by a loyal fan base in bingo halls across the country and worldwide. Only recently though has it escaped the confines of the brick and mortar building and made it onto our computer screens and mobile phones though –- which is lucky for me, as ducks aren’t usually too welcome in the local Mecca bingo! How did both yours and my favourite game make it to the mobile though? Let’s go for a walk down memory lane, my little ducklings…

You might be surprised to know that bingo is not actually a British game – it is actually an offshoot of the lottery, called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia, of Italy played way back in the 1500s (this is just many of the fun bingo facts that we’ll often tell you about)! It reached the shores of the UK in the 1700s and became a firm hit, spreading to many other Commonwealth areas quickly. The first ever dedicated bingo hall wasn’t built until 1856 though, when the Castle Leisure Bingo Hall in Cardiff was constructed.

By the mid to late 1900s there were thousands of bingo halls throughout the country, crammed full of eager players every night. The problem was though that there wasn’t enough time for many people to play their favourite hobby, meaning that they often missed out on a great night of fun. This all changed though when the first online bingo room was opened in the late 1990s by Cyber Bingo, who are still going strong today. This advent meant that those with busy lives could come home and play without leaving their home, often winning bigger prizes as well thanks to the huge amount of players on the site!

Most people who played bingo in normal bingo halls were worried about losing the social aspect of the game, but this was an unfounded concern. All of the major bingo sites had – and still have – chat rooms where players can natter away to each other and have a really good time. This is also the case with mobile phones, especially phones that have a nice and easy keypad (you should try typing on a phone with webbed feet though)!

So that brings us up to the modern day, as the popularity of bingo has yet again jumped from one medium to another – from the computer to the mobile phone. All of the features found in the old bingo hall are still there to see, but the difference is that you can sit at home on a cold winter night and play instead! Mobile bingo is worth it & here to stay!