Yellow duck and hundreds of ducklingsHello duckies! Hasn’t it been a looong loooong time since we interacted with each other? Well TBH, your dear Mother Duck wasn’t feeling quite up to it these days. But while she lay resting in bed, be assured that she never missed any of the latest Bingo news in town. Several mobile Bingo sites would come visiting, and seek advice on their promotions and launch. Your Mother Duck would nod or shake her head in response, and inquire about the well-being of her precious duckies!

Quacking, however, did not help because the information she had couldn’t reach you duckies, and she did feel terrible leaving you in the lurch all the time — I tell ya. Hope ya all understand and empathise with her!

Now that she’s brimming with information about new bingo sites, promotions, and more news, she’s going to make the MobileBingoFinder Blog all the more useful for ya. It’s a promise that your Mother Duck — your Bingo Guru — makes today!

Let the number calls begin again!

To get you started again on your Bingo feed, we are going to do several Bingo site and app reviews in the next few weeks.

Let me tell ya, there’s been a massive increase of mobile Bingo sites and apps in the past year, for instance, Bingo Bytes (which apparently throws in a whopping 900% deposit match bonus similar to Bobs Bingos offering!), Sky Bingo Mobile and Gone Bingo.

Other promising bingo sites which we plan to review properly are the mobile versions of: Gala BingoLittle Miss Bingo, and Landmark Bingo, among others. Phew! Loads of research… loads of research!

Gone Bingo Logo   Gala mobile bingo logo   Sky Bingo Logo

Little Miss Bingo Logo   Landmark Bingo Logo   Bingo Bytes Logo



Looking back at my blog project on MobileBingoFinder, I realised that I need to tell you more about the different types of Bingo really. mFortune says that you might be a tad sharper in intelligence if you play Bingo regularly. Check out the Bingo Psychology section on mFortune’s website.


White man toy with bingo balls

How many men play at mobile bingo sites? Mother Duck will find out soon!

Bingo scientist that I am, research of this kind is certainly intriguing, and definitely welcome. You’ll hear more of these opinions and observations on our Opinions section. I am also going to undertake a mission and find out how many men play at bingo sites. It’s something that my male colleagues and friends have been denying for a long time now, and I (most defiantly) DON’T believe them! Wish me luck on this experiment!

Together, we’ll check out new games, new casinos, new promotions and winners in the current year. We’re also planning to reach out to some great bingo giants and conduct interviews with them. Just so you know, these sections are brand new, so don’t worry if you can’t see anything right away. You’ll see these pages getting built gradually in the coming days…

Needless to say, there will  be more bingo news in the current year that we’re going to be interested in. We are also going to talk about new methods of banking on your favourite bingo sites. Did ya know that many Bingo operators let you deposit on their site using phone bill? We’ll decode all such methods for you on our blog.


Alrighty… That seems like a BIG MISSION to me! My supervisor is going to beam with pride with my plan!

Will you duckies now assist me in providing some essential feedback on my Bingo PhD thesis defense? Make sure you comment or contact me,  time and again letting me know how my articles help you in your Bingo, and how much money you make off Bingo sites!



Mother Duck