You’ve probably played Bingo several times as a kid or a teenager. Back in the 1990’s, this number game used to be great for social gatherings — for family picnics, or for a girls night out.  What has happened to the age-old bingo these days? Think of the early days when you didn’t mind meeting with friends online instead of at tea, but now you’re connected with the world via Facebook, WhatsApp or Google Hangout from your smartphone virtually ALL THE TIME!

Bingo has gone through the exact same fate! Bingo has gone mobile on several real money gaming sites like mFortune and Foxy Bingo, and with smart mobile banking at your fingertips, you can play tournaments with thousands of people in the UK at once.

In this article, we’ll explain what Bingo is all about, and how you can get started to playing the fabulous games on your mobile.  

The Original Bingo!

As a school kid, I remember designing hand-made bingo cards for the many games that we played as a family. My cousins and I would write out 15 random numbers from 1 to 90 on each bingo card. We then made chits (numbered 1 – 90) and put them in a draw box. After making sure that no two bingo cards were identical, we would hand out a card each to players, and ask them to pool in a fixed cash amount (usually the ticket price) in a collection box. Someone would then draw the numbered chits one-by one; call out the number, and family members would go frenzy in striking off the called numbers, and claiming their prize whenever they cleared off rows on their cards.

Check out what our hand-made Bingo cards looked like!


A sample of the original Bingo card designed by hand

A sample of the original Bingo card designed by hand


How to Play Mobile Bingo?

Playing mobile bingo is extremely easy and worth playing, given the fact that the basic premise of the original game remains the same. In five easy steps, you’ll be all set to rule the Mobile Bingo world! We estimate 15 odd minutes for you to read this article; register at a Bingo site, and to play Bingo on your mobile or tablet!


Step 1: Find (and register at) a safe mobile bingo site


logo for the mfortune iphone app You’ll find several sites like mFortune, Foxy Bingo, Mecca Bingo, LadyLucks’ Bingo, William Hill Bingo, etc. If you are an absolute newcomer, we recommend downloading the mFortune bingo app — it’s the easiest and the most intuitive Bingo app we’ve come across. Click here for the iPhone app, or enter valid UK phone number on the mFortune Bingo page to receive the app on your device. When you’ve gained experience at mFortune, try playing at bigger bingo halls, with bigger jackpots. We’re documenting the registration and game play steps for you, so do visit our blog in a day or two!




Step 2: Deposit money on the site, or choose to play with the sign-up bonus money


There should be a range of options to deposit on the site. Many of the sites will top you up a handsome deposit match bonus, which is up to 100% of your deposit amount free to play with. Using your debit card, credit card, or any other mobile banking method that is supported at the site, deposit some money and get playing. Some websites let you play with their sign-up bonus money. mFortune gives you £5 on successful sign-up. You just need to complete their simple registration process, and click the verification link sent to your e-mail id. I say, take this no-strings-attached fiver, and play at all their tables!


Step 3: Look up any bingo table(s) about to go live in the next few minutes.


Note that many websites allow you to play at two or more tables simultaneously. Look up prospective bingo tables, rooms or halls, and check their schedule ie. how much time you have before the game calls start. If you’re a first timer, we suggest selecting a table that goes live in the next 3 to 5 minutes. This will allow you to explore the game type, ticket prices, and sometimes look at the prospective prize money before you purchase tickets on the table.

mFortune Bingo app page to choose rooms Sample mFortune ticket for an 80-ball game 'Amethyst'

You’ll come across the terms “90-ball game” or “80-ball game”. These are simply variations of the original Bingo, so don’t fret over it at the moment. A 90-ball game might bring up tickets like the one I sketched above (ie. 3 rows, 9 columns, and 15 numbers), whereas an 80-ball game on mFortune is a 4 x 4 grid ticket with 16 numbers on it (see snapshot). In my experience, the 80-ball game has fewer players than the 90-ball game, probably because number of prizes are lesser too — you can win either a “one line” or a “full-house”. In the 90-ball game, you might have a chance to win the “two lines” prize in addition to the above.

Tip: Games with more numbers of players might have a considerable amount of money in the pot. If you win, you’re likely to take home a good prize money. However, you’re more likely to “win” if you play on a less-populated table.


Step 4: Purchase your Bingo tickets


Buy tickets for the table(s) or room(s) you’ve selected. Tickets range from 10 p at mFortune Bingo to about a few quids on bigger halls like Comfy Bingo. Websites often allow you to buy a strip of tickets, which is usually 5 or 6 bingo tickets for a single game. Buying a strip of tickets increases your chances of winning on the game, but also makes you pool in more money in the pot.

Buying tickets or strips for a bingo room at mFortune


Tip: If you’re at mFortune, and are using your sign-up bonus, buy a strip for at least a couple of games. You can buy up to 4 strips (6 tickets each), and 10 individual tickets, amounting to 34 tickets for a game at mFortune (at £0.50 per strip and £0.10 per individual ticket). Don’t push the limit, however, unless you’re desperate for a win on your very first game!


Step 5: Sit back and enjoy the automated calls in the game


Sit back and enjoy your game while automated calls are being made on your app. You don’t have to do anything at all with the mobile bingo games, except for buying tickets. Unlike the original pen & paper Bingo, you don’t need to pay attention to calls, or strike off numbers on your card. No fighting over who said “Bingo — 1 line”, “Bingo — 2 lines” or “Bingo — Full House” first. Everything is taken care of by the automated system. Tip: You can even choose to do any other activities while the calls are on. Play simultaneously at other tables; chat with your fellow players and admins; and even play other games on the site (mFortune lets you play Cat & Mouse slot game within your bingo table game!); or simply do nothing! As long as you have your app or browser launched for your game, any winnings are automatically added to your account after the game. Keep your game sounds on!


mFortune Bingo game showing ticket, chat, and slot features

mFortune Bingo game showing ticket, chat, and slot features (player names tampered with to protect privacy)


Interesting Fact!

mFortune claims that many a love story have blossomed thanks to the socially vibrant environment in their Bingo chat rooms. We don’t know if it might be true, but we do know that mobile bingo is worth trying out at least once in your entire lifetime. You’ll never regret it!


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