It’s that time of the year again when Foxy Bingo reveal their Celebrity Mum of the year, and I have to say that I’m very disappointed that I didn’t win, my little duckies! Instead the prize went to Katie Price – otherwise known as Jordan – for the second time, after she first won the prize in 2007.

Katie beat off competition from three other massive celebrities in the form of Holly Willoughby, Victoria Beckham and Amanda Holden to take the prize. We wonder what Pete will be thinking though – it’s a sure bet that he doesn’t really agree with the honour that she has received!

The award is always likely to produce some kind of controversy, as being a Mum is an extremely tough business, as I’m sure many of you know very well! Who can forget last year, when naughty Stacey Solomon had the award taken away after smoking when pregnant? We’re sure that Miss Price must have done some much naughtier things in her time!

katie price Foxy Bingo Mum of the YearStill, the fact that she has managed to juggle the task of looking after her disabled son – as well as her other children – while also keeping up appearances in the world of the celebrity shows that the award is well-deserved. At least she dressed down for the occasion when she had her pic taken with my good friend Mr Foxy Bingo – did you see what she wore to the premiere of The Hunger Games!

What do you think about Foxy Bingo giving Katie Price this award? Did she deserve it or should someone else have taken home the honour? Let us know in the comments section below!

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