uk bingoYou probably don’t believe that living in a certain area makes you more likely to win when you’re playing mobile bingo, and you’d correct for thinking that! Sadly, there’s still no excuse to pack your bags and move to another part of the country just to improve your bingo wins. LadyLucks have tried their best to make you think so however, as they’ve just released the results of a survey that aims to show just where the luckiest mobile bingo players actually live in the UK!

Luckiest Bingo Players In The UK

All of the data released by LadyLucks is information from players who have visited their casino. Let’s break down the numbers to see the most interesting things we can learn from the bingo players across the UK

Female UK Bingo Players

It’s no secret that the majority of mobile bingo players are women, so let’female bingo playerss start with the luckiest places to be a woman mobile bingo player. If you live in Essex, then you are in luck, as 3 out of the top 10 – including the number one – places to live are in this county. It has been found that ladies living in Loughton, have won the most when playing mobile bingo. Westcliff-On-Sea and Braintree are also well up there among the top 3..

Loughton hasn’t just won the luckiest place by a little bit though – players there are miles ahead of the competition. The average female mobile bingo player in Loughton has won £813.43, which is nearly £200 more than anywhere else in the whole country! If you believe in fate, then perhaps it’s time you started looking for houses in the Loughton area!

Male UK Bingo Players

male bingo playersIf you are a man, then Essex doesn’t seem to be so lucky though, as the number one location for male players is Abingdon in Oxfordshire, where the average male player wins just under £740.

The second placed town is Wisbech, which is found in Cambridge. Perhaps the boffins in Oxford and Cambridge have devised a foolproof way to beat the mobile bingo odds?

Play Bingo For Yourself

Wherever you happen to live, you can still have loads of fun playing mobile bingo on one of the many different sites out there, such as LadyLucks and mFortune Bingo. Check out our reviews for details on great bonuses at the different mobile bingo sites!