Becky's Bingo Welcome BonusLooking for the right promotion to begin your bingo journey may seem to be a little daunting at first. Almost every other bingo site offers a generous welcome bonus to entice players into joining them. Some of them even go as far as offering new players cash prizes and massive jackpot games through their promotions.

The question is – which promotion is legitimately the best and worth your time and money?  Well, we might actually just have the answer for you… At Becky’s Bingo there isn’t just one, but FOUR different deposit specials. If you are a new player looking for an amazing bingo site to start playing at, look no further.

Welcome Bonus

Let’s face it – the most important deciding factor when it comes to joining a bingo site is its welcome bonus. At Becky’s Bingo, you will be treated with pretty much the best offer available in the bingo world. Upon registering you will be awarded a staggering 400% welcome bonus to play your favourite bingo games and slots. The minimum deposit accepted for you to qualify for this promotion is £10 and the maximum amount accepted is £500.

This means that with a mere deposit of £10, you will instantly have £50 to play and explore Becky’s bingo with. Speaking from experience, £50 will be plenty enough to do so. Of course it is important to note that these welcome bonuses come with wagering requirements that all players have to adhere to. In the case of Becky’s Bingo, the requirements are 4x on bingo and 40x on slots.

Nifty Fifty Promotion

Nifty Fifty PromotionNow that you probably have thoroughly enjoyed your 400% welcome bonus and you are hungry for more, don’t worry, Becky’s Bingo offers a whole load unique deposit specials. For starters, there is the Nifty Fifty promotion. To take advantage of this promotion, you will have to deposit £50 or more in a single transaction.

Having done that you will get an extra £5 in bingo or casino bonus with a wagering requirement. Do note that you will not automatically get this bonus and you will have to send a claim to Becky’s Bingo’s help desk. Alternatively, you may send them and email within 24 hours of your deposit.

Blotto Promotion

Blotto PromotionHere, Becky’s Bingo is offering 1 Blotto line for every £10 deposited. If you match all 4 numbers with the first 4 balls on the midnight game in the 90 Ball Bingo Room on the 1st of January, you stand a chance to win up to a massive £1,000. A consolation prize will also be offered to all 3 ball winners.

The maximum number of lines you can obtain from Blotto is capped at 500. Note that all the lines will be sent to players having 10 lines or more via Becky’s Bingo’s help desk. Good news is, the main prize winnings and consolation prizes do not come with a wagering requirement, so you will be able to keep every penny that you win.

Loyalty loot

Loyalty Loot PromotionIf you see yourself staying in Becky’s Bingo longer than you expected to, don’t blame yourself. We know that the quality and variety of games there are beyond amazing. Depends on how much you deposit per month at Becky’s Bingo, you will be entitled to different benefits including giveaways, cashback and even prize draws.

To spice up your life, in these prize draws, you could be winning free bingo and casino bonuses, Lucky Ducks, flower bouquets, kitchen equipment, fancy gardening decor, expensive gadgets, BBQ sets that you show off to your neighbours and many other such gift hampers. Not bad eh?!


Without doubt Becky’s Bingo offers a welcome offer and deposit bonuses better than most top bingo sits in the UK. Newbies will especially have a lot of fun with the staggering 400 welcome bonus and even seasoned players may enjoy the following deposit bonuses and promotions. Once again, if you are looking for a bingo site to start playing at, we don’t think you will find a site better than Becky’s Bingo.