If you haven’t heard of the Live Bingo Network (LBN), then you’ve probably been living in a hole for the last year. The company is a network of different casino sites which pool their resources to offer each of their players the best online and mobile bingo experiences possible. Because of the benefits of having your bingo site associated with the LBN, we’re seeing more and more sites signing up and launching through the network, giving us even more reasons to play mobile bingo.

Gravy Train Bingo and Fairy Dust Bingo Logos

May this year alone saw the launch of an unprecedented number of bingo sites in association with the LBN; Buttercup Bingo, Buddha Bingo, Time Bingo and Starlight Bingo all found their way to our phones and tablets last month thanks to LBN. Now we have news of two new brand new bingo brands coming our way, and guess who’s brought them out – that’s right, the Live Bingo Network.

Fairy Dust and Gravy Train Bingo Rooms

Spot the Difference – Fairy Dust and Gravy Train Bingo Rooms

The new additions – which hit our phones, tablets and desktops this week – are called Fairy Dust Bingo and Gravy Train Bingo. As the newest members of a big and ever growing family, there’s going to be a lot of pressure on both of them to prove to players that they’re worth some attention. We’ve taken a look, and we’re not entirely convinced they quite have that unique element.

On top of 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball and 30 ball bingo options – including regular special games – both sites feature quite a large helping of mobile and online slot games to keep players busy between games. So far, so similar to each other, and to pretty much any other site at LBN.

Here's a Difference - Promotions at Fairy Dust and Gravy Train Bingo

Here’s a Difference – Promotions at Fairy Dust and Gravy Train Bingo

Gravy Train Bingo makes a big deal out of its 900% deposit welcome bonus (on top of its £15 no deposit bonus), however, closer inspection reveals that this is hyped somewhat, as you don’t actually receive 900% more. Instead you get 350% 250% and 300% extra on your first three deposits respectively; not quite the same as 900%, but we like what Gravy Train did with the sums there.

On top of the welcome bonuses, there Gravy Train offers a very impressive array of bonuses for new and returning players alike. There’s genuinely so many that we’re not going to bother listing them all here, but for a taste of the kind of thing to expect, there are bonuses like those giving you the chance to win free bingo, weekend tournaments, and refer a friend bonus.

It’s a similar story with Fairy Dust Bingo, whose bonuses seem very much geared towards the seasonal side of things. With promotions celebrating the summer and world environment day, Fairy Dust seems to have its finger right on the pulse of what’s going on right now. Unfortunately, these up-to-the-minute promotions mean that the site is lacking in the welcome bonuses which offer serious free cash, but you can’t win them all.

We wonder whether with all the new releases, LBN is over stretching itself. While there is no doubting that all the sites which are members of the network are high quality, and benefit in terms of being able to offer great bonuses from the outset, it does seem like there is very little to choose between each member of the network. It’ll be interesting to see, a few months down the line, how players have responded to each of these new sites.