888 Holdings LogoIt is only three weeks into the year 2018, and the bingo world is already being spiced up by many new launches, ventures and even mergers. In this week’s news, we witness two gaming giants shake hands. Both 888 Holdings and Gaming Realms go into a massive agreement that will allow 888 Holdings to host Slingo content. Whilst this may seem like just another deal signed by two gaming giants, the impact of this agreement may move the landscape of the bingo industry as a whole. In fact, this agreement will hold for three years beginning 2018 in which 888 Holdings will be responsible for all Slingo content.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we saw Playtech Bingo roll out its Clover Rollover bingo slot to 128 Gala Bingo retail sites. The reason? Simple – All casinos and developers now want to offer a comprehensive and an end- to end gaming experience for all their players.


What is Slingo?

For those of you who don’t really know what Slingo’s here, don’t worry, we will explain the whole concept to you really quick. Slingo has been around for a little over two decades now, and it is essentially an innovative cross between a slot and a bingo game. More often than not, the variant in play in a slingo game will be the 75 ball bingo played on a five reel slot. To win, players will have to complete the reels by matching numbers obtained via the spinning of the reels.


The Rise of Slingo

Gaming Realms BannerLike it or not, Slingo games have started to take over the gaming industry by storm. As every day passes, more and more bingo sites are offering slingos, and those aren’t adapting fast enough will sooner or later start losing customers. Obviously, gaming operators have started to realise this and have initiated measures to adapt to the Slingo trend. Now that the agreement between 888 Holdings and Gaming Realms has been signed, Slingo games will be introduced into 888 Holding’s Dragonfish bingo network. It has been said that these new games are going to be rolled out across hundreds of Dragonfish sites to fully leverage on the synergies created.

Dragonfish Network LogoAt the moment, Gaming Realms is the rightful owner of all the Slingo content although development of the content itself is headed by a studio known as Slingo Originals. Speaking of Slingo Originals, this is a studio that has slowly but surely expanded its slingo roster to be able to deliver at least 15 games to 888 Holding’s Dragonfish bingo network.

Logically speaking, with the added resources as a result of this agreement, the number of games being produced should sky rocket from here on wards. Strategically speaking, this move is in-line with developers and gaming operators teaming up to offer players a comprehensive gaming experience without having the player to move from site to site to enjoy various games.



As a player, what do you think of this agreement? Do you believe that gaming developers teaming up with gambling operators will really improve the overall gaming experience? Let us know in the comments below. It will be great to hear what all of you think about where the bingo industry is heading towards.