Mr Foxy gives away prizes at Foxy Mobile BingoWe know that loads of you play on Foxy and for good reason – they offer loads of great prizes and some of the biggest jackpots around! They also have a really friendly community as well, spearheaded by the charismatic and charming Mr Foxy, who is always up for a quick natter with the different players on his site.

Mr Foxy is doing more than just having a chat at the moment though, as he has started to get rather generous and loads of players have been finding this out first hand. You see, when Mr Foxy enters your bingo room, you know that there are going to be fireworks – hopefully involving you, as you’ll be smiling widely if they are!


All Of The Promotional Details

Mr Foxy is giving away massive prizes completely randomly to players throughout the site, and you should start playing as much as possible here to give yourself the best possible chance of winning. The prizes are random, but the more you are there, the more chance you have of being the one Mr Foxy picks.

foxy-bingo-logoWhat prizes can I win, I hear you ask? Well, Mr Foxy is giving stuff away ranging from Foxy merchandise (flowers, pens etc.) through to massive 40” full HD televisions! He’s even getting into the spirit of things by handing out Jubilee picnic baskets, as he is a patriotic fellow indeed! In fact, whenever Mr Foxy enters the room, someone will win at least a goodie bag, so keep your eyes open for him!

Even if you aren’t the lucky one to win one of Mr Foxy’s prizes, you will still find that Foxy Bingo has loads of offer you. There are bonuses galore, plus loads of different people to chat with for the evening. Of course, there are also massive prizes too – such as the Friday night £10,000 jackpot – for you to get your hands on, if you are really lucky!

So, is it time you started to play on Foxy Mobile Bingo? We would say it definitely is!