Bingo Wordart and Orange Red Ball with "50" numberIt all started when we read an article about the cons of playing bingo online. Yes, we agree that excessive indulgence can turn tables around, and make the best of things seem a little worse. However, Bingo lovers that we are, we were EMOTIONALLY CHARGED to come up with a list of reasons as to why we love and adore bingo way too much!

Here are 50 good reasons to play Bingo on your mobiles or tablets. You’ll realise there’s more to Bingo than mere gambling — points 20, 21, and 43 are about terrific benefits to your brain, mind and heart too!

Let the number calls begin!

1. Mobile bingo is extremely fun and easy.

2. Bingo lets you socialise with other players on their chat platform.

3. Get rid of your boredom with quick Bingo games. Waiting time is usually only a couple of seconds.

4. You can cook, talk, see a video, write, study, or actually do any other task when your Bingo game is on. All you need is an unbroken internet connection to a Bingo site; balance in your bank and account, and virtual tickets for the Bingo game you’re playing!

5. Bingo brings back nostalgic memories from your childhood. Even if you’re miles away at University, you’ll fondly remember playing with your family.

6. Mobile / online bingo games are automated. You don’t have to do a thing, except for buying tickets.

7. Bingo games are cute, bubbly, and vibrant. Just like on TV.

8. Girls / women LOVE bingo, and guys don’t mind a couple of games once in a while. As promised, we’re going to find out how many men are secret Bingo lovers!

9. Low risk, high gain — You bet as low as 10p, and may end up with £40 if you win a Full House!

10. Perfectly timed games ( every 3 – 5 minutes). This time is sufficient enough for you to buy tickets or strips for the game.


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11. Most sites offer multiple tables, all starting and ending at different points. No matter what time and date and site you login, you’ll always find a table to play!

12. Continuously available on all online and mobile sites. This is the biggest tireless community in the whole of UK, and in the rest of the world!

13. Certain bingo sites let you play other games like slots or table games from within an online bingo table or room.

14. Bingo can be like an online dating site. mFortune says you could find your soul mate on Bingo chat.

15. Bingo group chat has all the crazy cool Bingo Lingo! Try deciphering this: AFAIK, you could go AFK2P @@

16. There’s a story behind each Bingo number. Did ya eva get a ‘pair of ducks’?

17. Even if you don’t know a thing about Bingo, you could still play just as well! It’s enough if you know how to register on a Bingo site!

18. Bingo bonuses & promotions are huge. People end up winning jackpots over a 50 Grand!

19. On most bingo sites, they let you play multiple tables at once! As mentioned on point 6, you just sit back and relax, while the games take care of themselves.


Woman Looking at Phone at Bill20. If you’re concentrating on the game, you’ll find that Bingo calls can be in sync with your heartbeat and mood, so there’s a good chance that you feel elated at the end of the game — psychologically and physiologically speaking!

21. Bingo has been known to improve your alertness, memory, and a load of other physiological factors according to this resource! What a way to exercise your brain!

22. It’s all numbers, but no real mathematics to tackle. No fatigue to your brain!

23. When you have just 5 minutes before an important meeting or lecture, you can play a quick Bingo game on your mobile; most of you can’t even clear a Candy Crush Saga level in that time!

24. Does Bingo “prime” you to feel more confident about yourself? Mother Duck should research on this!

25. Losing doesn’t feel like losing when you’re playing Bingo! Tell me another real money game that does this.

26. If you are over 18, you can legally play real money bingo in the UK. There’s no upper age limit, so you can play until you die!

Bingo Loopy logo 201427. Bingo sites offer several special rooms with bigger prizes almost every other day.

Related Info: To celebrate the Football Fever, BingoLoopy gives away £1000 every day between 12th June and 13th July. Time: 9:30 pm Venue: Room 1.

28. You could easily be playing at a couple of Bingo tables on your desktop, another couple on your tablet, and yet another one or two on your phone! Play at the same site, or at different sites.

29. Bingo chat administrators often give away wonderful prizes, or hand-pick people to play in their VIP rooms.

30. You could end up dating a Bingo chat administrator too. They can be the among the smartest and wittiest persons on the planet!


31. Bingo is the game your grandparents can play and enjoy all day! Because Bingo keeps their grey cells ticking, chances are that your bingo-loving GPs never face an episode of dementia or memory loss in their old age!

32. You can occasionally let a toddler (1+ year) watch your bingo game. Vivid colours, ticking numbers, and dynamic can be an adventure for the baby!

33. Bingo is the truest epitome of a “never say die” attitude. Always fresh, always positive!

34. It is hard to get addicted to Bingo in a negative sense. If you do though, there’s Gamblers Anonymous UK who can help you overcome this state.

35. You could improve your reflexes after playing Bingo games regularly!

36. You now know what to do when you are on a boring date. Make sure you’re at a good restaurant with a good WiFi signal though!

37. You now know what to do when you’re date is taking a long time on his / her toilet visit!

38. You’re not too confused with Bingo games on different websites. You know the basic premise of the game remains the same.

39. Yet you’ll find interesting variants of the 90 ball bingo. We’ve heard of the 80-ball bingo, and the 75-ball bingo. There’s also a quickie version of the game known as “1-minute bingo“.

40. On some sites, you’ll find Bingo with a slot bonus; or slot games with a Bingo bonus!

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41. According to a BBC report, Bingo can be a “hobby” for many players in the UK. Isn’t it a great thing?

42. says there are about 391 Bingo sites in the UK as of June 2014. Bingo sites are highly popular in the UK, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be playing at one!

43. The Mental Health Association of Northeast Florida uses bingo as a therapy for their patients to help overcome depression! Now we know where all the positive aura comes from!

44. You can now deposit on a mobile bingo site or app with your phone bill! You’ll need to check if your operator supports the Premium SMS feature. We’ll cover this in our banking section shortly.

45. If you ever feel lonely, the best places to make new friends are at online or mobile bingo site, and their Facebook or Twitter pages. It’s like meeting a whole new bunch of people on your first day at Uni.

46. Yet, you can be extremely discreet about your Bingo activities. Your username and profile / avatar can be customised on Bingo sites to protect your identity!

47. You can be out of touch for a while, yet feel very welcome on a bingo site whenever you are back!

48. You’ll find some of the best trained online referees on a bingo site. They are your chat admins and Live chat operators.

49. iPhones are the most popular phones in the UK, and Bingo is the most popular real money game on iPhones. Check out which sites are best suited for play on iPhones.

50. As long as UK’s Bingo games are legal, shall be at the forefront of Bingo site reviews in the UK. Now that’s double benefit for you duckies, isn’t it?


Two champagne glasses in toastThis calls for a lovely sparkly bingo celebration. Here’s our toast… Long Live BINGOOOOOO!


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