bingo tabletIt used to be the case that people wanting to play bingo while on the go had to use their mobile phone or even connect their laptop up to a wireless hub. With the invention of the tablet, the world of mobile bingo has taken a huge leap forward! There are many reasons why the tablet – be it the iPad, the PlayBook or any other brand – has revolutionised the bingo world. There’s a tonne of reasons for this, that may or may not sway you to take the leap into the world of tablet bingo, so let’s take a look at some of the best…

Bigger Screens = More Fun!

big screen more funIt’s obvious that tablets have bigger screens than mobile phones. This means that there is more room for great graphics and for you to really use the features of each bingo game; making the interface slicker and easier to use than ever before. Sure, you can use a touch screen on a regular mobile, but it’s far easier on a tablet! With bigger screens you’ll also be able to see the graphics that each game offers much better – but we’ll get onto the subject of graphics in a bit!

More Power

powerMobile phones have gotten more and more powerful in recent years, but the power that they have is still dwarfed by the power on offer from a tablet, especially the more costly ones like the iPad. Those of you who know your computers will be aware that the more power something has, the more it can offer. This means that tablets can offer more features within bingo games and also function a lot faster, meaning that you don’t have to wait for ages for the app to load or for chat messages to come through!

More power means, a smoother experience, even if you’re out the house or lazing on the couch.

Longer Battery Life

If you play mobile bingo regularly, you’ll know the scenario: you’re midway through a game more batterywhen suddenly a message flashes up on the screen saying “low battery”. The screen then goes blank and you have wasted your entry fee. Tablets have a much longer battery life than mobile phones though, which means that the chance of this happening is much lower. Never again will you have to pray that the game ends before the battery dies!

Better Graphics

8 bit graphics resevoir dogsBecause tablets are more powerful and have an altogether better set-up inside them, it means that they can manage to have better graphics for all of the apps that they have. This is also made possible due to the fact that many bingo sites now offer apps exclusively for tablets only – offering games that have extra features and better graphics that fully utilize the tablet’s power. Although the graphics won’t affect the amount you win, they will make the whole game a much more pleasurable experience.

Tablets Are Getting Cheaper

Now you might think that I’ve gone a little crazy when I say thacheap tabletst tablets are now reasonably cheap – after all, they usually cost around £400-£500! You have to remember though that a mobile phone costs just under this though (even if you get one free with a contract, the contract will run to about £400 per year). This means that if you have a mobile phone, then you can afford a tablet as well! Just think about all of these extra bingo features for the same price you’d spend on a mobile phone! Throw in all the other great advantages that owning a tablet brings with it outside your bingo time and that’s a deal not worth passing up.

Tablets: Perfect Bingo Platform

As you can see, playing bingo on a tablet is the next stage in theplay bingo on tablet evolution of every single mobile bingo player, and adds yet another reason to keep your bingo mobile! If you haven’t thought about it already, then check out some of the tablets in your local store or at a site like Amazon.

Why not even consider getting a tablet instead of a laptop when you’re due your next upgrade.