Angry Orange Bingo Ball with Word ArtWhat’s wrong with UK’s bingo sites these days? I know we have over 394 registered online bingo sites in the UK; it’s hard to find unique names (and etc. ramblings), but seriously, hasn’t anyone paid attention to the crazy names of the sites? One almost feels that every word in the Oxford Dictionary is being used to name Bingo sites — it appears as if site owners are landing on random words from the dictionary, and christening their babies without a thought!

We’re certainly not trying to judge a book by its cover here, but apparently many bingo players do. The worst part is you even find dupes in the form of “X Y” “Y X” type nomenclature! I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry! Read the names below to see what I mean!



High Heels Bingo logo1. BIG and HIGH fantasies?

Not sure what is the fixation with “big” in the name — may be they want to portray a larger than life image? We have Big Brother Bingo, Big Heart Bingo and Big Bucks Bingo. Wear High Heels Bingo if you want to look big.. erm.. vertically!



Bingo Chimp logo 20142. Champ or a Chimp?

So apparently, there’s a BingoChamp and a Bingo Chimp as well. Well, I’m sure I’d want to be a “bingo champ” but chimp … erm … challenges my primate instincts a little more than necessary, if you know what I mean! The chimp on their logo however looks less like a chimp and more like a smiling cute monkey with a long tail. Quiz question: Do chimps have tails? According to science, they dont!

There are more names from the animal kingdom: There’s “Hippo Bingo” and “Foxy Bingo“. Elf Bingo and Vampire Bingo are the other creatures that feature on bingo sites.

Foxy Bingo is a good bingo site, BTW.


3. Rhyme and Chime victims, ey?

Some of them make me feel I’m back in play school! “Bingo Bongo, Zingo Bingo, Bubblegum Bingo, Bubble Bonus Bingo” is a good tongue twister you could teach your children! Then, make them repeat this phrase over and over, and laugh to your heart’s content!

Oh, and ABC Bingo had me reciting A – Z all over again — good for your toddler, I say.


We Luv Bingo logo4. A little too desperate, are you?

Some pleading, some coaxing, some waxing, some waning, and some parading!’ “Bingo Please“, “We Want Bingo” and “We Luv Bingo” seem to be pushing your buttons too far! If we ever come across one bingo hater in the entire universe, let’s strive to chant these slogans at the top of our voices!

YesBingo!, you are the most assertive website on the face of the internet, and WOW Bingo, you couldn’t have been any more ecstatic! Way to (Bin)go, way to (Bin)go!


Buddha Bingo logo 20145. Soul searching & Spirituality!

If you believe in Gods and angels, you’ll probably find these soul-searching names a bit to your fancy. Let us know if Bingo Godz, Buddha Bingo and Astro Bingo have spiritual supernatural powers on their tables!

May you find prosperity within your bingo game, and may you succeed in all your endeavours! Buddha’s blessing is with you forever!


Lights Camera Bingo logo 20146. Marketing and advertising stunts!

There’s definitely a helping hand from a top-notch B-school to achieve the crisp branding of “Brand New Bingo“. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know whether it will remain brand new for very long.

Then, there’s one “Lights Camera Bingo” which sounds like “lights camera action”, commonly used in film and modelling assignments. “Ready Set Bingo” borrows heavily from the popular sports phrase “ready set go”.

There’s even more drama and action in the bingo world. Bingo Hollywood, Showreel Bingo and Mainstage Bingo are destination for bingo stars, so you’re either on your way to becoming a “Posh Bingo” player or a “Bingo Hero“!


Biscuit Bingo logo7. Crunchy, munchy and thirsty names!

Fancy munching away at Biscuit Bingo or ordering a meal at Tasty Bingo? Or would you rather lounge at Eat Sleep Bingo?

Some bingo sites offer you drinks as well. Don’t miss a tea at Tea and Bingo and Tea Time Bingo; make your personal cuppa at Coffeebingo; order your custom martini at Cocktailbingo; and raise a toast at Champagne Bingo!

Interestingly, they are powered by Dragonfish or CozyGames, both leading bingo software providers in the market, so we’re wondering if these two are competing against each other for crunchy-munchy names!


8. Plagiarism alert!

If somebody asked me to play at Fun Bingo and somebody else said Fun and Bingo“, I’d ignore the conjunction and think they were the same, but apparently they aren’t! One of them hasn’t taken a plagiarism course at Uni! It does help that the latter spells their name as “FunAndBingo” with no spaces between the words.

Pink Bingo” and “Pink Ribbon Bingo” need not be censured too much — we’ll give it to them.

Bingo Crazy logoCrazy Bingo logo

If you ever wanted to see a real time “vice versa” in the bingo world, check out Crazy Bingo and Bingo Crazy. It is like finding two such rare individuals in the world where one’s first name becomes the other’s last name, and vice versa.  Oh dear!


Giggle Bingo logo9. Oh-So-Literal names!

I’m not still sure why I should play on a super busy site like Busy Bingo, and I wonder if Gone Bingo is gone forever? OK! Bingo seems to be doing okay, and Simply Bingo being just simply bingo, why play there at all? I’m sure you’ve read our top 50 reasons to play mobile bingo games, and having an option to play slots from within a bingo game is one thing we had admired about most mobile bingo sites.

Giggle Bingo‘s name and tagline “have a ball” had me giggling for a while, but I’m thinking my guy friends might rather stop themselves from “giggling” too much at that! LOL!


Little Big Bingo logo10. Opposites attract?

Who came up with the brilliant name “Little Big Bingo“? What an apt usage of the English figure of speech ‘antithesis‘ in the name and the logo!

How very creative of you! Clap, clap, clap!



Love Your Bingo logo11. It’s raining Love, baby <3

Love seems to be in abundance on many bingo sites.

The first step for me is to “Love My Bingo” game, then I shall try to “Love Your Bingo” activities. Doing this might make me admit that I just “Love It Bingo“, and I’ll be ready to tell the world that I “Love Bingo” in all its glory!

O Cupid… Cupid, I’m so much in love, I tell ya.. there’s hardly anything else on my mind!


Lucky Pants Bingo Logo 201412. One for the superstitious!

Well, I’m not sure if you can get lucky with me, but Lucky Touch Bingo and Lucky Pants Bingo seem to welcome your good luck, if you believe in those things!

BTW, Lucky Pants Bingo was running a nice charity for terminally ill children last month, so let’s not talk about their sexy pants for a while. Here’s our 3 most charitable UK bingo sites, in case you’re interested.

Visit Wish Bingo and Dream Bingo if you are a firm believer of telepathy with external forces! You may worship these bingo sites along with the ones mentioned under point 5!


Message on Naughty Bingo's homepage13. Naughty or Nutty? What’s your preference?

Do you like thy coy but naughty neighbour or prefer being seen with a Nutty Professor at school?

You can choose your bingo site accordingly, or so do Naughty Bingo and Nutty Bingo seem to think!

BTW, Naughty Bingo claims they have naughty chat hosts, so if you’re looking to flirt a teeny tiny bit, you’d better get in line quick!


Shampoo Bingo logo 201414. Bath time, anyone !!??

Shampoo Bingo” beats it all! What were the makers thinking?

I’m perplexed (I hope they aren’t a tad too self-indulgent, and that they haven’t picked their name from the Urban Dictionary term instead)!

Well, in any case, you’d have to say “New Look Bingo” after your bath!


Aunty Acid sitting on a chair and playing bingo

Aunty Acid Bingo

15. More Weird names!

Some names simply don’t make any sense. I’m not sure what to expect from the newly launched “Gravy Train Bingo, and the oldies “Heat World Bingo” and “Guestlist Bingo“.

I’d have put “Aunty Acid Bingo” in this list but no, Aunty is way too intelligent and quirky — she’s the one who cracks me up each time I go to her Facebook page!

Oh, I must confess I’m getting very wild ideas from the term ‘liner’ in the name “Bingo Liner“. They could have borrowed the name from ship liners, or eye liner, or panty liners! Not an impossible situation, given the fact that Lucky Pants Bingo is clearly very comfy in their hot pants!

I then checked out their site and (to my relief!) they have emulated the ship liners.


Kiss My Bingo logo16. Bingo Sites or Dating Sites?

Dating goes hand in hand with bingo. You can choose from: Closer Bingo, Smooch Bingo, Kiss My Bingo, and Wink Bingo.

RAPchicBingo seems to invite the pleasures of a rap dance with a chick!

Use all your charms and moves wisely, because the more you play bingo on these sites, the more infatuated you may become! We do hope you find your soul mates on these sites!

Oh, and if someone messes with you while you’re trying to flirt healthy, you say “Up Your Bingo” from now on!