Hello duckies! I’m Mother Duck and I’m the resident bingo connoisseur around here, ready to walk you through the exciting and often profitable world of mobile bingo! My blog section will take you through some of the most important – and some of the more interesting – aspects of mobile bingo and I’ll also share with you some stories of people who have done rather well through having a little go on this ever-so-fun hobby that we all seem to share!

I should give you a small word of warning though – I’m absolutely quackers about mobile bingo! Most people would expect a duck to be laying eggs and swimming around, but I’m always found in my nest on my mobile, screaming “Bingo” at the top of my voice! You might be able to hear me next time you’re walking by the lake in… Well, I’m not going to tell you where I live!

While you are here, I’d really love it if you took a look around the other parts of my site as well, as you’ll find out loads of information about the different mobile bingo sites that you can play on! We also also have a number of great offers for both new and old players alike, so you can make the most from your mobile bingo playing. I want you to win as much as possible, so that’s why I give you so much information!

So, keep checking back regularly my little ducklings – I promise that I’ll be updating this blog as much as I can, as well as updating other parts of the site too! If I do go quiet though, don’t worry – I’ve probably just been chased from my next again by one of those dastardly squirrels or cuckoos!

Bye for now!

Mother Duck