Can I Win Money Playing Bingo Apps?

Mobile bingo is, of course, primarily designed for fun – after all, if it wasn’t enjoyable, nobody would play it! The added perk to bingo is though that you can win money when playing it, which can be anything from a couple of quid through to thousands and thousands of pounds. The question is this though: although this money can be won when playing through your browser, can the same be said for when playing via an app?

Well, the answer here is that it can’t. This isn’t the fault of the mobile bingo sites though, as we are sure that they would love to be able to give out prizes through this format. The blame lies with Apple themselves, as they have a policy of not allowing real money bingo or casino games to be sold via the App Store. This is a strange decision though, as they DO allow real money sports betting, which really makes us mad! After all, what has caused more gambling problems – a bit of bingo or spending thousands of pounds on the horses? Either way, we can’t change it so it’s just something we have to accept. And in any case, playing bingo through the Safari browser is pretty damn good anyway.

Don’t panic though, as there is of course a way to win money when playing mobile bingo on your iPhone, and that is to access the games through the browser. Simply click on the icon that’s appeared on your phone when you downloaded the game and you’ll be able to win as much money as you can, because Apple have no control over this. Alternatively, if you have an app and were hoping to win money with it, you can still click the link to “Play for real money” and you’ll be taken directly to their site.

Hopefully Apple will come to their senses and start letting people play a bit of harmless bingo soon through the App Store, but until then you’ll have to play through the browser. We’ve also got an article about the top three real-money iPhone bingo games, so make sure you check that out before you start to play on your iPhone, or check out the best iPhone bingo games currently (real money or not).