bingo apps appleMobile bingo is primarily designed for fun. After all, if it wasn’t enjoyable, nobody would play it! The added perk to bingo is that while it’s fun, you can win money as well, which can be anything from a couple of quid through to thousands of pounds. The question is this though: although big money can be won when playing through your browser, can the same be said when playing via Apple’s apps?

The Sad Truth About Bingo Apps

Well, the answer is that it can’t, for the most part. This isn’t thapple app storee fault of the mobile bingo sites though, as we are sure that they would love to be able to give out prizes through this format. The blame lies with Apple themselves, as they have a policy of not allowing real money bingo or casino games to be sold via the App Store. This is a strange decision though, as they do allow real money sports betting, which really makes us mad! The hypocrisy is immediately obvious.

Either way, we can’t change it, so it’s just something we have to accept. Or do we? Just because the app store’s off limits, doesn’t mean that you can’t play real money bingo apps at all.

The Way To Win Bingo Money Through Apps

sideloading appleNearly all bingo casinos with a bingo app, will definitely host it or advertise it on their site. In this way, by downloading the app straight from their site, you bypass any of the apps store’s terms and conditions. It’s called sideloading, which is simply a fancy term for downloading without the use of the app store. It’s a move that Apple aren’t keen on, but there’s nothing illegal about it, or one that break Apple’s T&Cs; they simply just don’t like you not using the app store.

The only major problem with this is that it can put your phone at risk if you’re silly about it. App store apps are great, because they’ve been checked and scanned for viruses by Apple, to make sure they’re fit for purpose. Apps downloaded directly from sites don’t have this same security and may cause you issues if they’re dodgy.

The common sense way to avoid this issue, is to download apps from casinos that you trust. Casinos like LadyLucks Casino have a mobile app that you can play Bingo on, but it’s outside the app store, and most importantly; virus free. All you have to do is be careful and you’ll be able to enjoy real money bingo.

There’s no technique to downloading each app. Just follow the instructiladylucks bingoons on screen and if your phone alerts you to the fact it’s an outside app store download, then simply follow the directions to bypass the warning.

Alternatively, if you want to stick with the app store and already have an app from the app store and were hoping to win money with it, most casino apps have a “Play for real money” mode. Select that and you’ll be taken directly to their site, so you can win real cash, but via your browser.

Enjoying Your Mobile Bingo Apps Restriction Free

mobile bingoHopefully, Apple will come to their senses and start letting people play a bit of real money bingo soon through the App Store. In app purchases have existed for years now and Apple is more than happy enough for people to spend money on them. Only time will tell if that they make that change.

But until then, we thankfully have a way around Apple’s restrictions. All you have to do is just be careful and pay attention to where you’re downloading apps from and you can enjoy real money bingo from today, hosted direct from your mobile.

And in any case, playing bingo through the iPhone Safari browser is pretty damn good anyway.