Sometimes you just want the thrill of a game of bingo and don’t want to risk your own hard-earned money – after all, bingo is supposed to be fun, so money doesn’t have to be involved! Luckily for iPhone owners, there are loads of different bingo apps to download and they all have unique and interesting features. So, below is a list of the top five bingo related apps you can get for the iPhone. Some might cost a few pence to buy initially, but after that playing them is completely free!

bingo blingo logoBingo Blingo

The first game is Bingo Blingo, and this is completely free to download from the App Store, which is always a good way to start! It has already been a massive hit on Facebook, attracting thousands of players, and now iPhone owners can play on the go as well!

The game is actually pretty true to the traditional bingo format, although there are a few twists and turns thrown in to keep you interested! The best feature in this game is the fact that there are so many hidden rewards and you can also earn in-game coins, which are then spent on all kinds of great items to make the experience even more fun! You can even use the coins to dress your character in crazy clothes to make them really stand out!

Bingo Blingo also has free daily tournaments where you can win coins and other prizes, as well as a number of exotic bingo rooms from Las Vegas all the way to China! Another great feature though is the fact that it’s incredibly social, allowing you to play against your friends in real-time, as well as against random players from throughout the world.

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pocket bingo free logoPocket Bingo Free

Pocket Bingo Free is perhaps the bingo app that is closest to real bingo. There are no little gimmicks or other incentives to play – it is for those with a love of bingo, but who don’t want to pay to play! For those who really love it though, there is the option to buy some coins and open up new bingo rooms, but that is by no means totally necessary.

What is really fun about this app though is the sound, as the app calls out the numbers as they appear on the screen. What’s more, the numbers are shouted out in traditional UK patter, so when you see 88, your phone will shout out “Two Fat Ladies, 88”! It’s the little things that please us when it comes to great bingo apps!

If you are competitive, the app is linked in with Facebook and Twitter, so people can see how well you are doing. There is also a leader board – can you make it to the top? Also, if you really like this app, you can upgrade to Pocket Bingo Pro, which costs £1.49 and removes the adverts from the game.

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bingo rush logoBingo Rush

Bingo Rush is more of a game than an actual bingo experience, but it is still based on the popular gambling pastime and is absolutely loads of fun! The game is simple: you play through different bingo cards and try to beat the clock to get as many bingos as you can. Use power-ups and other features to increase the score and, at the end of the game, collect credits and coins, which can be used to buy cool power-ups for your next game.

You can also earn loads of different achievements in each different “city” you play in. In fact, there are 35 to work your way through and also 90 different collection items. Can you collect them all? When you do, make sure you jump on Facebook and brag to all your bingo loving friends about your feat! Talking of Facebook, this is another adaptation of a Facebook favourite, so you might have already experienced the gameplay on this format before.

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vegas bingo logoVegas Bingo

Vegas Bingo is a great live bingo app, and although you don’t win any real money, you can play against people from across the world and take their virtual bingo currency from them. Even if you get unlucky and happen to run out of coins though, the app gives bonuses out every single day, just to keep you topped up and ready to play! You can even keep track of your friends on this game, as they appear on a list and this list will let you know whether they are online or not.

This game is completely free to play, although you will need to be connected to an internet connection (at the very least a 3G connection) to play. Bingo might not be Las Vegas’ most famous gambling export, but you can still experience the bright lights of Las Vegas with this game!

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bin-glo logoBin-Glo

Okay, so the only thing that this game has in common with bingo is the fact that bingo balls are used, but we had to include it as it is so much fun! You have to fire a ball out of a cannon and hit the balls that appear on your bingo card, which will then make them disappear. Don’t hit any of the hazards though, as that will cause your game to be over!

There are also loads of other modes you can play this game on, just to increase the excitement. How about trying the “Portal” mode, where the bingo balls can transport themselves over the screen? Regardless of whether you’re a bingo fan or not, you’ll love Bin-Glo! What’s more, it’s made by Mecca, so it comes from a name you can trust.

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